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ACOSA Music Development/Tuition Project

ACOSA offers orchestral and choral music in the classical and indigenous art forms of South Africa to children and youth from underprivileged and previously disadvantaged communities. The music schools run by ACOSA service approximately 400 children and youth from Soweto, Sebokeng and Stinkwater in the North West.


ACOSA runs the following schools:-

1. Mbuyisa Makhubo Primary school in Orlando West, Soweto opposite Hector Peterson Museum

Offers graded music theory and practicals in violin, viola and cello.
2. Ebuhleni Primary School in Emndeni  

Offers graded music theory and practicals in Recorder
2 hours weekly
3. Kwa-Phalo Primary School in Meadowlands.

Offers graded music theory and practicals in Recorder
Examinations with the Royal School of Music
2 hours weekly
4. Mzimhlophe

Offers the *Mzimhlophe Recorder Project and brass project
3 days a week.

ACOSA brass ensemble
*Nightingales Children’s Choir and Maypole Dance

The ACOSA Tsa Lapeng Conservatoire housed at

1. Stinkwater outside Hamaanskraal North West
Offers Acosa Tsa lapeng Traditional Dance

The ACOSA Sebokeng Music School housed at

1. Mojalathuto Primary School in Sebokeng
Offers music theory and practicals in Recorder


Soweto Symphony Orchestra consisting of 25 members that accompany choirs as well as play their own repertoire

Soweto youth Orchestra consisting of 30 members that accompany choirs as well as play their own repertoire

Ntombizodwa String Ensemble consisting of 8 young ladies

Soweto Children Orchestra consisting of 30 members

Acosa Brass Ensemble consisting of 20 members 

Acosa Wind Band consisting of 11 members

Learners aspire to belong to an ensemble for their instrument type. Hard work and dedication from learners and trainers alike help them achieve this goal.

ACOSA runs an instrument loan program for a period of time to learners who cannot afford their own. In these instances of the parents save enough money in order to acquire instruments for their children at a later stage, especially upon realizing their childrens’ talent and dedication.

ACOSA Music conservatoire campuses

To provide training development programmes and projects
History of learners, i.e. number of learners, which centres, grading – theory & practicals.

The ACOSA Music Development Programme has 4 major project venues: The learners are trained and assessed through the Royal Schools of Music-RSM.

1.  Soweto Music Conservatoire: 100 learners; music grades 1 - 8,

2.  Sebokeng Music Centre : 60 learners; music grades 1-3 taught Recorder and Theory of Music.

3.  Tsa Lapeng Centre in Stinkwater (rural): 40 learners; music grades 1 – 5 taught Theory of Music, violin,
     cello, flute, clarinet and keyboard

4.  Napo Primary School: 60 learners music grades 1 taught Recorder and theory of music

5.  Acosa Music Academy in 427 Ontdekkers Road Roodepoort, tertiary students, music grade 7 to music Diploma